Our Journey With Nature

At Fern & Petal, our goal has always been to live in harmony with the world around us, creating a natural connection to nature through our own natural products. Finding true products that you can trust, that have plant-based ingredients sourced from people that share the same values of sustainability and connectivity in our world. This is our relentless drive to be creative and find ways to help you, our incredibly kind and passionate customers, a way to reconnect with Mother Nature, bringing her loving spirit back into your home.

From Nature Herself

After more than 2 years of listening, research, testing and feedback, we are excited to finally showcase the results of everything you have requested. This marks an entirely new starting point for us, with a brand new line of blends, rollers, sprays, bath salts and collections, all created with a perfect blend of 100% pure, all-natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging and a connectivity to all-things nature. This new look is the embodiment of everything we believe, a line of products that are made from nature, in and out, given to use from nature, herself.

Nature in your Hand

One of the most recognizable changes is our new packaging, created with a gradient of shades chosen between our two core defined by nature: an olive green and an oatmeal beige. More than just a few colour changes, our new packaging has a bunch of carefully thought out benefits to live more harmoniously with nature and help you find what you are looking for quickly. These changes include:

  1. olive green: The warm, natural colour of nature, a colour of life. Green signifies a blend of ingredients, a new story of a place found in nature.

  2. oatmeal beige: A warm, neutral colour in nature, a colour of minimalism. Beige signifies a product with minimal or a single ingredient, a single source of nature.

  3. a pulp label: A natural label made from recycled papers, this is a paper label that can be ripped off and recycled with other papers when recycling your bottle. This chemical-free process reduces environmental impact and gives you a feeling of nature with every touch.

  4. oil cap labels: You spoke and we listened, all of our oils now have labels on the cap to help you find your favourites quickly. These caps also use the eco-friendly pulp paper labels.

  5. boxes: We now have boxes for all of our primary oils, rollers, blends. These boxes are made from a recycled paper and do not use any harmful foiling or UV spot lights that make it more difficult to recycle. Each box now includes more information about the oil. This includes (depending upon the specific item): The scent profile, scientific name, extraction method, origin and directions.

  6. glass salt jars: We are getting away from plastic and sticking with reusable glass salt jars. Each salt jar is made in an amber glass jar which will keep your salt easy to get out and easy to recycle. 

We are truly excited to release this new aesthetic into the world and eliminate our old unfriendly labels and plastic packaging. This new change marks a big next step for who we want to be come and what is possible, and we are excited to share it with you.

Preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known. Carl Sagan

Trace the Source

Transparency is important to us, we want to be the leaders in aromatherapy and provide only the highest quality oils from trusted sources. That is why we are changing the way batch testing is provided on essential oils, making it more available and easy to find, regardless of where you are. All of our new products, including our blends, oils, rollers and kits, have accessible batch codes with a scannable QR code to help you look it up.

When scanning and entering the code for a singe note oil, you will find the latest batch information, including the: Certificate of Analysis, GCMS and MSDS documents. If you search a blend, you will find the corresponding Certificate of Analysis, GCMS and MSDS document for each single oil batch used for that oil at the time of its creation. This provides an unheard of transparency for each of our essential oils -- giving you the trust and certainty that you are getting the highest quality product, each and every time.

All of our GCMS tests are completed by Phytochemia in Quebec, Canada, a recognizable name and industry leader in the quality and experience in batch testing essential oils.

Nature's Strongest Scents

Quality matters to us; that is why we've spent the last two years perfecting every little part of our process, from individual ingredients to, scent profile and scent strength. Every single one of our new products now includes new, proprietary formulas to maximize its longevity, strength and profile; giving you the best quality, natural products on the market.

Quality doesn't stop at the scent profile, every small detail is important to the quality of our products, that is why we've switched our bath salts to the elusive and infamous, ocean salt. Imported from a remote region in Australia, specifically for its luxurious feel, this luxurious salt absorbs less moisture than dead sea salt, preventing it from clumping in a container and degrading over time. This bright, white, premium bath salt is sustainably harvested from a salt pond capturing technique where the water is allowed to evaporate from sun and wind.

Find a Store

Stores across Canada are stocked and waiting, for a short time, we've marked which ones currently have our new stock and when ones still waiting will receive it.

Head over to our Stockist page to find a retail store near you. If you'd like to see us in a store near you, make sure you reach out and let us know where!

Find a Stockist

Online Only Scents

Over the next few years, we are hoping to add more selection, faster. To do this, we are now introducing "Online Only" skus. When you browse our website and see the "Online Only" tag, that will mean that individual SKU is only available online through our website. These products still use the same batch coding and testing, but they come with hand written labels, allowing us to add new products quickly and dynamically.

Thank You

We would just like to thank all of the incredible people who continue to support us and make our job meaningful. You, our customers, have been so supportive throughout this journey, and we hope to continue to impress and continue to make positive changes to the aromatherapy industry for years to come. We would also like to also give a special mention to the amazing individuals who have sacrificed their time to help make this a reality. This includes, but is not limited to: Celine & Bruce Derrick, Vanice & Darrell Wilson, Cindy Derrick, Dallas Wilson, Sarah Kraft, Robyn StubbsShnane & the Team at Vive Social PRNate Featherstone & the Team at Rainlight Media.

We look forward to the years ahead, with more big things planned!

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  • Jody

    Just read your update……this is so exciting! Very pleased for you. Wishing you the best going forward. I hope everyone embraces this. It’s an unparalleled level of quality.