Essential Oil Blend

Congested? Breathe easy again with this minty blend of essential oils

Bottled Locally in Vancouver, BC


Eucalyptus refreshes and cleans the air of toxins

Lemon balances emotions 

Rosemary relieve symptoms of headaches and muscle aches and pains 

Lavender purifies and freshens

Peppermint promotes feelings of clarity and helps to relieve headaches

How to use

Add 5-10 drops to a diffuser and inhale the wonderful benefits

Key Ingredients


A woodsy top note oil that helps relax and clear your mind. Also relieves cold & cough symptoms making you feel refreshed and energized.


A citrus top note oil that energizes the body & mind, promoting a positive mental state.


A herbal middle note oil that can boost your mental energy and help you de-stress.


A herbal/floral middle note oil that calms nerves, reduces anxiety & headaches and works as a natural sleep-aid.


A fresh herbal middle/top note oil that cools, refreshes and helps reduce muscle aches & pains.

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