Crisp Autumn

Crisp Autumn

Room Spray

This warm & spicy, holiday-inspired diffuser blend, now in a spray! Make your room smell fresh, warm and inviting. 


Cinnamon comforts emotions

Clove  de-stress your body and mind

Nutmeg promotes relaxation

Orange brings happiness

How to use

Shake before use. Spray anywhere that needs a little extra refreshing.

Key Ingredients


A spicy base/middle note oil that is both stimulating and revitalizing. Helps relax and de-stress your body and mind.


A sweet citrus top note oil that smells refreshing and helps uplift the body and mind.


A spicy middle note oil that calms nerves and helps reduce muscle ache and joint pain.

Distilled Water

Used to prevent interference between mineral content and the benefits of essential oils. It also allows for a deeper absorption into the skin.

Distilled Water

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